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About Ivy Sandbox

My priority is ensuring your child is safe: Assisting with proper car seat installation, safe sleep positioning, posting recall notices, stranger danger. Child-proofing your home is a priority.  I can help assess potential hazards where your child may encounter harm.  I have CPR/First Aid Training and a proactive approach to safety. Also, our home is equipped with an ADT Security System and camera monitoring.
We enjoy watching your child grow, develop, and learn! Our goal is to provide a quality day care, offering a safe, educationally stimulating,  loving, smoke-free environment with a dependable, experienced staff that is active in child development.
I believe communication is essential for everyone involved. It’s helpful to exchange information regarding your child during pick up and drop off.  We like to establish a close relationship with each parent.  I am always available to my families to answer questions. Families who, in the past and still do, bring their children to our daycare are and always will be considered extended family.  It literally does take a village and that is what we strive for.

I am always available. My families know they can call or text me any time.  I can help problem solve issues from illness, rashes, eating, sleep, behavior modification, discipline, etc.  I can say "I've seen it all" and have effective approaches to most concerns.

Safety and Piece of Mind

Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with friends is paramouunt to social development!  Encouraging children to work together begins at a very early age.  Cooperating, taking turns, showing empathy, kind words, and respect for one another, and good manners is what our program values.

Smiles Galore!

Happy children are well behaved children!  Exploring the world is always better with a friend or two :-). 

Identifying developmental milestones happens every day. Here is a helpful link to see if your little is on track follow them on Facebook.

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